Since some years back, I am offering my skills in the area where experience, knowledge and competence makes a difference. That is the main reason why this company exists. At present, I am full-time engaged at Coloreel AB, a company who develops and market brand new technology to the embroidery business. This assignment started early 2013, first at distance, from 2018 at their head office in Jönköping, Sweden.

My background in the embroidery industry started at 1995. Since 1997 I have been involved and managing 4 companies with Digitizing and embroidery production. Heavily engaged in the business, I also was part of starting SEA, a Scandinavian organisation for professional embroiderers and digitizers, mainly focusing on networking, education and social activities aiming to bring colleges in the business closer to each others. September 2019, the ownership of my latest baby Svanberg Brodyr AB was transferred to new owners. They are named Västkustens Tryck & Brodyr and can be found on Facebook as long as on other places. They continue our mission to offer high quality embroideries, screen printing, heat transfer printing and laser cutting/engraving. Should you need any of their services, please contact them.

From September-2019, the assignment has been full-time work with Coloreel Group AB, where a good part of my time has been focused on developing their new technology. Right now, I am part of the Service & Support team, responsible to build and adapt our support system for distributors and customers. Really rewarding and challenging, and I love every minute of my work.

Conny Svanberg, CEO and owner